Come to sunny Spain and learn Spanish with friendly staff. Just you, the sun and the language; holidays and Spanish at the same time.


While it is true that you can study Spanish in your own country and reach a very high level, a study trip too, if it is carefully planned, can be very useful and real progress can be made even in a short period of two or three weeks.

Of course the longer you stay, the more progress you should make. You have to remember that when you study Spanish you probably only spend about three or four hours a week practising the language – the time you are actually in class. When you are studying in Spain you are in an “intensive language” environment; you are surrounded by Spanish 24 hours a day.


To go shopping, with people in the street, there is no other choice, so there can be no greater motivation than to speak! Television, Radio and the newspapers will all reinforce “the total Spanish atmosphere”.
The hours of study you have put into the language back home will not be wasted but you begin to see how much easier it is to pick up Spanish here in its natural environment, and you can feel your confidence growing every day.

In addition to all these advantages you should also have a great time living in another country and experiencing another culture at first hand. You can enjoy the weather and why not some “Paella” and “Sangria”, and let us help you with the language.

We are in Jávea, a village of 37,000 inhabitants, halfway between Valencia and Alicante.
The weather here is wonderful and we enjoy the sun almost all year.
Moreover, in Jávea, one can take up any kind of activity in their leisure time.
Our local cuisine is much appreciated by those who visit Jávea every year.

Situated only a few metres away from the old town centre we will be delighted to deal with your enquiries.

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